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Woman wishing to touch and be touched by another woman

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Fantasy ? A long time desire that never leaves you ? You dare not come out and say so to women who you know ? Well here's how you can attain your wish.

Contact me and tell me which evenings you can be free to come. I will then see with another woman I know if she can make herself available for this encounter with you.

The event will take place here in my residence where my Tantric massage practice takes place. Upon your arrival, we will sit, get to know each other and discuss the details.

1. Both of you women can decide if this is to take place in the context of Tantric massages for both whereas I will in turn be assisted by each one to massage the other.
2. Or I'll propose an alternative to the massage and one appropriate to mutual exploration.

This experience will not compromise your heterosexuality, should that be your wish, but I will make you live an exquisite moment and that has merits. For once in your life, you will live the dream or open you up for more.

As is the case for you, touches by a woman bring softness, tenderness, sensibility and sensuality… same for her lips, her tong and for her caresses.

Normally, we need a week or two to accommodate the availability of both women plus myself.

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