Women no orgasm
G spot, ejaculation

Sexuality and your life as a woman

Sexual energies are of great importance in your human life as a woman. In fact your physical and mental health may depend on them. That is a simple statement easy to understand and accept. The problem is to achieve the sexual life that fits your needs.

1. Here is a list of pitfalls which may impact your sexual life:

★ Ignorance of your own body
★ Your man's unconsciousness to satisfy your sentimental and sexual needs
★ Lack of communication within your couple
★ To not have and maintain a habit of physical contact in your couple and thus not activating the oxytocine hormone between you
★ Thinking of only of oneself for gratification without thought for the partner
★ To not try to change things when there's a problem and accept ways to do things as mechanical as they have become

You have reasons to be here reading these pages, no ? Could there be an explanation in one or more items listed above ? Or in the following categories ?

2. For other women, the sexual life is acceptable and even more but you would like to discover new things which other women have but not you:

★ Pleasures associated with the G spot ( vaginal orgasm )
★ Female ejaculation
★ What digital softness can bring in joy and tenderness to a receptive woman
★ The great joy of Tantric massage for a couple ready to invest in the purchase of a massage table

3. For some women, a separation brings about a serious lack of being touched and suffering as this can become intense because they know exactly what they are missing:

★ To cuddle
★ To be caressed and feel tenderness
★ Stimulation of the clitoris
★ Vaginal stimulation

4. And finally, for some women, sexual orgasm is an unknown body function because:

★ When they were a child they were victims of sexual abuse or aggression
★ Or these women were raped
★ They have been for ever with a man who's sole preoccupation is self-gratification without giving a thought for his partner