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Can't tell him what you want ?

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Since you've selected objective # 5, "woman in need to be touched", here's an experience that I propose you do with me in order to make me understand, and later to your partner, how you wish to be touched. Many women don't allow themselves or are simply not capable to say what they want, so here is a method designed to communicate these things:


The first step, preparation:

- I undress you and I then invite you to lay your naked body on the bed, and in turn I join you so we get to be side by side,

The second step, caressing:

- I ask you to caress me with your hands, your fingers and your mouth for 1 or 2 minutes then comes my turn to exactly repeat what you will love me to do for you (and so what eventually you will want your partner to do for you),
- And you begin with my face… have your hands, fingers and your mouth do exactly what you will want to receive from me (and eventually from your partner),
- Then you come down to my chest… your fingers could center their attention to my nipples because you will want me to take care of yours. If you use your mouth and your tong, when my turn comes, I must then do the same in return,
- Next you concentrate on my solar plexus, stomach and pubic areas… again, do that which you wish be done to you (if my penis is over my pubic area, simply push it aside), - Then comes the genital part, but before paying attention to it, if for you, feet and toes are a source of pleasure, leave my sex waiting and concentrate on my feet and toes, always doing that which you want me to do in return,
- You then come back to my sex for what happens next. Understand that if you limit yourself to caress my penis with your fingers, I will limit myself to the use of fingers to stimulate your sex… inside your vulva, the clitoris, and vaginal stimulation. On the other hand, if your tong licks the length of my penis and/or if you put my penis in your mouth, for as little time as you want, I will understand that you wish to have a cunnilingus in return. And when my time comes, whether you limited yourself to the use of your fingers or if your mouth or your tong was used to caress my sex, I will stimulate you the same way for, in this instance, all the time needed to bring you to an orgasm of either the clitoris, or your vagina or both at the same time. Climaxing is for you only… I don't expect and you are not asked to stimulate me for an ejaculation to take place.
- Then time has come to switch to the massage table.

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