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Importance of awakening your woman's body

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A woman's body is a great asset for the entity that you are. If, up to now, you have not experienced the pleasures and the orgasms which it can have, or, if you have been without these pleasures for an amount of time, here's a rare opportunity to have your body waken up by untrusting it in the hands, fingers of a therapist and expert in female sexuality who will permit you to leave happy and proud of being a woman.

During the massage, your breasts and nipples will get great attention and, following their shape and size, will be sucked in my mouth as much as possible and in each case, my tong will stimulate the nipple to attain a maximum erection.

But it's at the end of the massage that the Yoni massage comes about and will awake your female sexuality to its fullest. In the meantime, during the body massage, my hands and fingers will travel through your vulva and tease your clitoris to excite you and fill your brain with pleasures of the moment. But before starting the Yoni massage, I will sit at the head of the massage table near your head and I will deal with your head so that your brain opens up to become receptive to great pleasures. See the following page which describes my facial massage: FACIAL MASSAGE

The Yoni (female sex) massage starts very softly inside your labia lips and for their full length. The clitoris gets brushed and so do the small inside lips. The vaginal entrance becomes distended and permits the entrance of my index finger and then my middle finger and both fingers start applying gradual pressure on the entire length of the prostate to activate the Skene glands which will produce the prostatic liquid to become the ejaculate. And my two fingers will continue their penetration towards the end of the vagina to find the tail end of the prostate and apply pressure of the tail end of the prostate against the upper part of the pubic bone and this will make you aware of the start of a great moment in your sexual life. And at the very end of your vagina, my fingers will travel and, with a small amount of pressure, will do a half circle on the contours of the vagina and then come-back to once again apply the tail end of the prostate against the pubic bone. The finger tips will then open up and then close again in a " come-here " sign and this at an increasing rate of speed as I sense your excitement coming from your brain. My finger-tips will come to feel prostatic liquid coming from your prostate and I will even hear this and this state announces a forthcoming orgasm with a possible ejaculation, if you let yourself go.

Leaving me, after the massage, the task of giving you a shower to appease you completely and make you feel like a queen.


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