Training for professional women in health care
to stimulate and bring about a vaginal orgasm

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G spot (vaginal orgasm) " More and more women wish to be treated to make these discoveries. I often see women hesitating to come because I'm a man! In the Montreal region, to my knowledge there are presently no women who are competent to carry out this treatment or even to provide adequate explanations. Therefore, I would like to train professional women in health because the need is real and the demand is increasing. "

For a woman who wishes to participate to improve the cause of women

For many years women come to see me because they wish to discover their G spot and to find out if they can have an ejaculation. And in nearly all cases, they've never experienced this in their life. Some have never had a clitoris orgasm with a partner which, in most cases, indicates that these women have been victim of sexual abuse.

I do this treatment as part of a Tantric massage which includes the Yoni massage, (the feminine sex). Experience gained over the years in female sexuality now permits me to stimulate the female sex to the point of permitting three women out of four to have a first vaginal orgasm in their life in the very first encounter.

I would like to proceed in the following fashion :

First, exchange messages with these women candidates to discuss the training program and answer questions. For those who accept, you can come alone to receive the treatment. I will take the time to explain with illustrations how you will be stimulated and, after the massage and the treatment, we will review your own pleasure spots and the future of your sexual life. The explanations and your pleasure experiences will be such that in the future, you will be able to explain to patients how they can attain vaginal orgasms and ejaculation.

The ideal solution is to come with a girlfriend who can accept to be treated by your hands. Or I have a woman who comes to serve for these training sessions and you may ask me to make her available.

This encounter of three (2 girls plus the masseur), is quite close to what you can read in the following page which concerns two girls who are sexually intimate and come to me for treatment on how to receive and give stimulations, conducive to vaginal orgasms (you can read about it clicking the following link: HERE). And I use vaginal orgasms in the plural, because the vagina offers more than one "spot" where stimulation can bring about an orgasm. And for those interested by variety, note that, with proper stimulation, an anal orgasm is more intensive than the others.

Your professional order forbids you to undertake sexual treatments but nobody can object to your receiving such a treatement and for giving one to a person who is not a patient. Therefore, my hope is that you will become receptive to your patients' need to discover sexual pleasures by explaining the method learned here. You should see the number of visitors come to my page:
G spot and ejaculation
These women need your help.

It is my hope that this training becomes the start of the emancipation of Quebec women in their sexuality, by permitting professionals in health care to properly explain, to women patients and their spouses, how to do these things.

It would also be great thing if one day the medical faculties of our universities would have therapists in feminine sexuality to teach them why the feminine prostate exits and to permit female students to receive a treatment, thus acquiring a practical understanding how to attain a vaginal orgasm and even a female ejaculation. Except that such therapists are very hard to find today... so you could be the start of this evolution.

So if you elect to have this training, click the following link and request an appointment to submit your candidacy and discuss the training =

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