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I'm looking a male practitioner:

* Age: in the fifties (for more wisdom)
* Place of practice: Island of Montreal
* Qualities: hands and fingers that are acceptable to me
* Experience: Californian type massage
* Tantra: ready to receive training
* Eventual administrator of this website

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Following are testimonials which may be of interest:

Thank you again for the wonderful experience. I was at an impasse with my body. My recovery was in a holding place that couldn't move forward or be free. Your touch, healthy guidance and direction assisted with moving the blocked channels closer to freedom. The shame and pain were replaced with pleasure, compassion and love. The meditation music and high frequency tuning released abuse I was holding in my body and mind through your touch. I felt a new chapter of possibilities and a fresh openness that I was previously guarded and resistive too. I would recommend anyone who has been abused in their childhood or adulthood to seek comfort and healing through Michel's caring service.

I look forward to another treatment with Michel when I return to Montreal. In the meantime, I continue to reflect on this positive experience. I am applying the guidance and recommendations suggested by Michel as I continue my healing journey. It was one of the best things I could have done for my soul. Thanks once again, blessings to you St.Michel.


In my case, I slept very well. I did go to bed quite early as I was quite tired of my day, ha ah. And it also seems that you came to see me in my dreams during the night !

I must admit that today I'm living with the presence of a funny feeling... I feel quite different, but it is difficult to describe, however, it is a very pleasing change. I now understand these testimonials when women say they experience a kind of awakening that is what I very much feel about myself. I have the impression of having learned a lot on myself yesterday, as much about my sexuality as for my being and this in only a few hours. It is almost magical ! And as you noticed, I admit that I definitely react to "verbal" encouragement, as you noticed, much more than I thought (wow), as I react to the gentle quality of touches to build up my pleasure.

How great is my discovery ! I have no words to express my gratitude. You have definitely left part of your being in my life and you are a wonderful person. I'm quite anxious to see you again as deep in my thoughts I feel that I still have much to learn at your side. And I find it important for me to discover these things.

I'm giving myself some time in the next days to internalize the experience properly (as we also are creatures needing to learn things) but it is certain that we will see each other shortly.


After months of reading the pages in your website with envy, I've decided, in spite of my fears, to go and see you. I'm someone who lived the events of incest repeatedly and with violence. So I have never felt desire or had an orgasm.

After being panicky for a moment, you were able to awaken the sensual woman in me, with patience, while letting me explore, at my rate of time, what I was feeling and these new sensations I was living through. I now feel my body, which before was a prison, and I'm also learning how to pleasure myself when alone.

Thank you Michel!



This first name, (in French), sounds like wings and that is exactly how I felt. This encounter was significant and liberating for me. I was able to find freedom in my pleasure and most important a source of affection which I greatly need.

This trip in my being was revealing and beneficial. I have found this a somewhat connection with myself in a more intense and profound way. This has appeased me and it gave me peace and a well being which is an indescribable value.

This man is a perfect love being and merits the confidence of women who wish to find complete fulfillment. I have made an important big step towards the woman I wish to be, one that moves on in life with trust as to who she is and for what she needs.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Being an accomplished business woman, spouse, mother and friend who always takes charge, I felt the need to not have control, in this case. I met Michel and he immediately was able to be at ease, in spite of our age difference. I let myself go with his hands and he was able to let me have 5 orgasms. I left the session with bright eyes and a restful soul. He has made me feel desirable !


Michel awakened in me something that I haven't felt for almost 10 years
- a deep animalistic desire and pleasure.

Since the appointment I've been feeling as if I am two people
- a mother and wife, that's going about the day as before, and the me that was "asleep" for the last decade and now has to come up to speed with that lost time. I keep living as these two people since the appointment and do hope they will merge soon into one person that will be the authentic me: mother, wife and my own self that needs to experience pleasure and enjoy life.

Thank you Michel.


On the way to my appointment, I was asking myself what came over me to decide doing this because in the past 30 years I have been refusing all physical contact with a man since having my heart broken and experiencing such abusive treatment from him which left me ice-cold towards other men. But then, I will see.

On the very first moments of our encounter he was able to make me comfortable. Whether in the chair for the #5a objective or on the massage table with the generous and appeasing hot massage oil, Michel has the gift to put one in a trusting state of mind and to let him do as he please. At no time came to me the notion to make him stop. He introduced me to pleasures that I had thought never to experience in life. I didn't even have the thought to direct him to whatever... I preferred to let him go as he wished since his knowledge of women is magnificent. He is tender, attentive, respectful, understanding and we feel to be a real woman in his hands. When he says that he loves treating us as a Queen, well that is really what I feel when I m with him.

Michel, I am very thankful for what you make me live. It is very intense each time, and I am always happy to return for the next encounter.


Having an encounter with Michel is, I would say, the start of a self examination episode while being greatly accompanied. Being 20 years old, I wanted to discover much more about my sexuality and I was gratified (from my first orgasms complete with female ejaculation to breasts orgasm).
Michel takes the time to really explain and this educative facet is, in my view, one of the important things he does. And with training, one can accomplish how to attain the greatest pleasures of one's sexuality. I loved each encounter with Michel who immediatly put me at ease ( notably by performing objective #5a which provides first touches with extraordinary tenderness). More than sexual satisfaction, he gave me loving attention and I thank him very much.

Really, Michel, thank you for all that you give to women !!!


Dear Michel,

I greatly enjoyed exploring my inner landscape in your healing hands. You have denoted a very calm attitude, caring, and a professional demeanor. I visited you to begin the process of reclaiming my body after years of sexual abuse.

After only the first visit, I felt that my body was wholly mine and that the abuse I once suffered no longer marked my sexuality or my being. I am feeling absolutely wonderful after our meeting and am exploring parts of my sexuality that had been previously untapped.

Thank you, thank you, Michel for your service and healing. You have changed my life.


Thank you Michel,

Your Tantric massage is an enriching experience, a discovery of my female body in a very special way, with great softness. All is done with great respect at a pace for which we are ready. You enable us to discover different sensations, to explore, to demystify certain things and especially you are able to understand the need.


I was extremely reticent to receive such an intimate treatment, but then, I wanted to know the feeling of being touched by a man who studied and concentrated his efforts on the needs of women in order to satisfy them with his expertise. This became a great dilemma for me to make a decision ! His patience, his understanding, his gentleness, his perseverance and his generosity enable me to live unforgettable delicious experiences.


Hello Michel,

Yes I feel very good. Your treatment made me realize a number of things and I do believe that this will bring me a great deal of benefits. I'm anxious to see how things will go when I next see my boyfriend. I can say that there's already a change in my dreams. Often things came to a stop during self-love and I could never finish what I started but last night, I went through with it without reserve. That is already a big change. So I do believe that my subconscious is putting things in order. When I left you, I felt a great sense of total calm and, in truth, I didn't know how this subconscious of mine was to react, knowing that it records everything since I'm in this world.

I thank you for all the tenderness and sweetness that you gave me. I'm returning home and I now want to undertake things that I was setting back for some time now. A great cleanup is taking place in me and my psychic is ready to undertake what is needed to make me happy in my woman's body.

I wish you good luck and may this life continue to bring you nice encounters so that you may advance forward and continue to make a difference in the lives of people who come to you.

Céliane from Gatineau

I've made the decision to see Michel and to receive his Tantric massage with the hope that he cures me from the after effects of a violent sexual aggression. I was simply terrified, but he dealt with my fear with patience. All other attempts and therapies by professionals never gave good results. I was incapable to let myself be touched… unable to accept pleasure. On each love making session, I was at his service and, in my malaise, I was practicing self-mutilation by cutting my thighs with a razor blade.

When he magnetized my chakras with his hands, my body reacted… and I came to feel a sensation of inner calm and I relaxed. Coming back home, I made love all night long ! And on each occasion, I only felt happiness and love. The hurt, deep in my mindset, experienced each time I had a vaginal orgasm is gone leaving joy and happiness to live the pleasures of my body.


When I visited Michel's website, I saw that he offers cuddling sessions… an important and essential need in my life, and I decided to set an appointment.

This let me live tender moments and great mutual presence. And it made me aware to what extent the need to be physically touched was important to me and it was done with tenderness and respect. I left with a feeling of gratitude and a sentiment of love for my woman body. I feel full of peace and well-being ever since. Thank you Michel for receiving me and for the great moments of tenderness you provided to my body and soul.

The south shore cuddle fan.

As for many women, I was reluctant and quite nervous to consult someone who would give me a Tantric massage.

Driving my car, on the way there, I couldn't believe that I had reached this stage of lack of affection and that I could resolve this alone without help. But I was wrong because I really needed this.

Be reassured, he takes all the time needed to discuss the problem and to establish trust in him. And he puts us at ease from the very beginning. He does things at a very acceptable pace without rushing anything and his hands and fingers brush the body with all the sweetness in the world. He makes us discover love and tenderness in a different way. He helps us discover the woman within our body and in our heart. Negative thoughts we had on love go away, to be replaced by a greater opening of the mind and free us from all our negative thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, I was very satisfied to have dared to go and try this treatment. And I recommend it to all women.

I am very grateful, Michel,


So many times did I say and write Thank You ! Yes I was afraid when I went the first time but I was determined to end my suffering.

Michel, you took the time to listen to the pain and the fright of the injured and abused little girl that I was and you allowed this frighten woman to discover who she was, to enable her to discover herself in her body, her wishes and to be able to welcome the presence of a man.

And today I'm getting on, because I found calm and tranquility.


Dear Satya (associate for Gatineau and Ottawa),

There are times in life when we know we are at the right place and with the right persons and this was the case for me when I was with you and Denis in an enchanting surroundings with the warm people that you are, and, if I was to give my impressions in a nutshell, I would simply say " Everything was There "

- I loved your tender and sensuous care and the little details such as the use of heated ylang-ylang massage oil on my body, your magic touch, your illuminating presence, the beauty of the room, the singing of birds outside, the sun rays on my body and my nakedness in front of the two of you revealing my true self with its simple nature.

The surrender of my body with full trust, my soul revealing itself, opening up, letting the light pass through in ascending or descending movements, sometimes in circles, in green colors which come to my throat to then return to my heart, and a mixture of white, lilac, violet and purple circulating up and down then from the bottom going up then disappearing as they came, then little electric shocks that go through me then leave by my left foot. An immense heat in my belly brought about by feminine and masculine hands which activate the dormant waters and the latent volcano, a few small pleasuring explosions are felt, are heard and gradually I come to my senses.

Satya and Denis are there in my life as wise women and men who greet me as I am and guide me via tantric energies and masculine powerful but subtle energy of Denis permit me to ground myself in my root chakra, my personal chakra of power. The presence of your two united energies, your two souls has enabled me to live a profound experience of completeness. You are a wonderful team. With gratitude and love for who you are both of you !

M~ xox

Hello Satya .

I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed our session today so much, you are such a great Tantric, you made me feel so good and the energy is such a nice feeling to have back inside my body. You are definitely a priestess in your ability and Beauty. I look forward to our next session. .

Thank you.

C~ (male)


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