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This site offers a therapy in female sexuality in the context of a Tantra massage. It celebrates erotic encounters at its best. You will know great sensuality which will be both exciting and beneficial for your body. Through the treatment of your chakras, any negative after effects of your past life might be eliminated.

To take advantage of this Tantric treatment, read the following : Love and sexual energies

For a woman: " wishing to be treated as a goddess " (Read the testimonials of those who did come for treatment: Testimonials
Missing being touched (click the following link: Being Touched) affection, tenderness and gentleness
Take note that you will be getting a treatment of love… for details, click the following page: The importance of the treatment of your chakras

I suggest that you get the following e-book covering my website because in your Kindle app you will have all linked pages. And you will have a choice of pressing links to access pages on the website or accessing them in this e-book as a permanent record. Here's the Amazon link to order this book: Tantra Massage interactive e-book Once in your Kindle, make your background black which will make for a pleasant read. And if you have Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, Echo Show or Echo Show5, pair with your Kindle Fire tablet using Bluetooth then, ask Alexa to read the book to you.

"Tantra accepts everything, lives everything. That's why Tantra could never become an accepted ideology. It always remained a fringe ideology, just somewhere on the boundary outside of society. Civilization has chosen to deny, to say no to many things. Civilization is not courageous enough to accept all, to accept everything that life gives. The greatest courage in the world is to accept all that life gives to you. And this is what I am trying to help you towards, to accept all that life gives you, and to cconsider this as a gift. And when I say this, even those things which society has conditioned you to call wrong and bad. Accept sex, and then there will come a flowering out of it..." Words of the Enlightened Master, Osho

Since you've reached this page, take time to read it fully and also the other pages... a good investment in time. Women often tell me they enjoy reading my pages, and, since your spirit has brought you here to explore your sensuality, take note that your sexuality invites you to this Tantric experience and it would be sad for you to refuse yourself this pleasure because of the modesty you were taught. Your sexuality is an intimate part of your body… Tantra honors your complete body. The needs of your body brought you here… Ask for guidance from your Spirit Guide. Read this real story of a woman connected to her two Spirit Guides: My Spirit Guide

Before proceeding with the massage, I will discuss what my tantric massage is all about and you will be invited to express your objectives. A few important questions need to be answered to bring about good results. I will be your masseur, a mature man, who is quite familiar with pampering a woman's body.

Tantric massage is a complete body massage (woman is naked) which includes genitals, the yoni (female sex) massage including the "G spot". For those who have not experienced "G spot" pleasures, I offer initiation. (click tab "G spot", above). Just think that in the 60's it is estimated that some 60% of women never had an orgasm, even from the clitoris. In the following decades many women discovered how to stimulate their clitoris but still today, too many women have yet to discover the G spot and, many more, the female ejaculation.

This is how your Tantra experience will unfold:

Before starting the massage, I will treat your 7 chakras by imposition of hands so they may open up
and resolve any conflict between them. I will then put my hands on each side of your face.

In these photos, you can see that a "Breast Nest" is added so that a woman can lay-down and be relieved of the pressure of her breasts on a her body. The device includes a doughnut hole for the head but she may prefer having a pillow to rest her head slightly sideways.

The smell of incense surrounds you plus the sound of Zen music, or crashing ocean waves (your choice), both create a delicious atmosphere. The type of massage per se that I provide, is the Californian style. It is sensuous, delicate and very pleasant. And I use hot massage oil for delicious sensations. A pleasuring experience for a woman requires good preparation. You are invited to breathe deeply and to concentrate on your breathing. This will facilitate the experience of pleasures and the love of your body. At the end you will receive the Yoni massage (female sex) with possible multi orgasms (clitoris plus G spot).

Keep in mind, however, that pure pleasure is the main objective and orgasms are a bonus, if and when they come. Some women experience a lot of pleasure when stimulated but cannot experience an orgasm. Others can be stimulated to have an orgasm but experience no pleasure (as if they were masturbating). You must know and accept that having sexual pleasure is much better than having orgasms without pleasure. What must be learned, in both of these cases, is to do things which will bring about pleasure and to have this trigger an orgasm and here is what we will do when you come for your Tantric massage (click): Pleasures + Orgasms

Since your brain is the command center (check it out at the following page: BRAIN) during your yoni (female sex) massage, I will tell you with words what my fingers are doing, where they are going, what they are touching and I will wish to hear reactions on your part expressed with words or groans.

In the previous paragraph the statement was made that the true source of an orgasm is the brain. Here is a video enabling a woman, under MRI, to prove to doctors her ability to have 7 vaginal orgasms in the space of 10 minutes just by power of thought!

To view the video click the following = VIDEO If you are having problems activating the video, by clicking the following link, you can check your present Flash Player and, if necessary, download the proper version of Flash Player update. Or the problem may be caused by JavaScript. You may enable it for your browser by following directions in the following link: to enable JavaScript

Many women come to receive the attention they do not get from their spouse, and, they leave my treatment filled with love for themselves, happy to feel that they are beautiful and real women. See the following page: Women who miss being touched

So your body has spoken, since you are here, reading this page. Chances are you are missing sexual contacts, or, you are not satisfied to be limited to your clitoris to obtain an orgasm.

Or you are a young adult woman at the start of your sexual life and, at this point, you are not impressed… come discover the great pleasures that your sexuality can offer you, and then you will be able to guide your partner on how to do these things and he will be most happy to see the results of his participation.

If you are reading this page because you've never had an orgasm with a partner (man or woman), and you are seeking to find the solution, I invite you to click the following link and to read the page that concerns you : Woman who cannot have an orgasm with a man

And it is worthwhile to consider Female sexual dysfunction as something to investigate from a practical standpoint. Depending on the cause, it is possible that I may be of help.
Some women cannot have intercourse or it becomes very painful. Here is an article on: Vaginismus Emotional or psychological reasons are normally involved. I've had success with this problem by imposition of my hand on the solar plexus of the woman, thus transmitting energies, with discussion and sexual therapy. For information on this treatment, please click: Woman who cannot have an orgasm with a man

Furthermore, menopause certainly affects your sexual life and can complicate things seriously. Read the following article on the matter by clicking the following link: MENOPAUSE I can say that some couples have been helped by my service and are now using alternative technics in their sex life.

Also, there are many women who were victims of sexual abuse in their past which brings about serious interference at the worst moments. Applying my hands on your chakras and making use of magnetism, chances are that the after effects of abuse lodged in your solar plexus will go away.

I wish to glorify your body with tenderness and respect and have it open up, like a glorious flower, by having you experience the pleasures that a woman is equipped to receive a sensual experience that you will cherish forever. This takes place at the end of the massage and is called the Yoni massage (the female sex).

Please, understand that in order to enjoy a good tantric massage, it is very important to realize that the focus of all sensations and pleasures are on you exclusively. In other words, what you receive from the giver (me, the masseur) is for yourself only and you let your body absorb everything like a sponge. Note that a vaginal orgasm and a female ejaculation require you to be very excited.

A woman reaches sexual maturity at 39 years old and her body becomes much more receptive. Passed 39 years old, a better understanding of her needs, combined with her physiological maturity, provides magical results. In fact, if you are in your fifties or sixties, the Tantric experience will be very much appreciated and beneficial.

Many women read these pages, are interested, but their culture or their shyness stop them from taking the last step... requesting an appointment. If you are one of them, I ask you to write to me to express your dream of receiving my treatment and to tell me what is stopping you from doing so. Eventually, a phone conversation may follow this exchange of messages. And all this without obligation. No harm is done by talking about it. It makes me very happy to see the great joy I bring to women in my care. I could not hope for more... and, as a result, my life is beautiful.

If you wish to request a session, send an e-mail message to and specify day and time on which you propose to come, together with your objectives. I will then confirm or propose an alternative day and time.

Recommended link: Kegel exercices to make use of pelvic muscles. This will enable your perineum to provide muscle tension to your thighs, buttocks, pubic area and your vagina. These muscle contractions increase blood flow throughout this area, thus creating the necessary arousal conducive to a vaginal orgasm.

I am a professional in my field and I will act with great respect.

Note that you may be accompanied.

This page cannot be copied or reproduced in part or in whole without permission granted by or it's representative by registered e-mail.