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G spot stimulation during a Tantric massage for a woman... Montreal and region (south shore) done by a man with vast experience on the topic!

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Hands on teaching:« Female prostate stimulation for ejaculation and vaginal orgasm »

>Be aware that this famous G spot is in fact the feminine prostate. It is only in 2001 that science has officially recognised that a woman also has a prostate. It is located on the roof of the vagina (on the side of the stomach) and its length is that of an average index finger. This prostate contains the Skene glands which produce prostatic liquid, and like for a man, the liquid is an ejaculate. In theory, all women can ejaculate when the prostate is properly stimulated and a woman "let's go", when she feels the need to urinate, that is, when this need comes about, not only does she not fight this need but she lets her bladder bring about an ejaculation. If I'm on the subject of ejaculation, at this precise moment, it's to explain the function of the female prostate in which the urethra canal travels through from the bladder to the urethra per se. When well stimulated, this prostate provides an important vaginal orgasm, and, consequently, women have always been well equipped since the start of humanity to experience great pleasures... but they knew little, essentialy what the elders knew and thought them, but, in current western civilisations, nothing at all. Even yourselves, women of today, these are things you didn't know when you were young... unbelievable. However, you may have heard, on occasion, about "squirting women", they truly exist (I can attest to that) and they ejaculate every time they get stimulated with ejaculate volumes of ½ liter or more.

The famous "G spot" can be located at different spots on the prostate and the said spots may vary from one woman to the next, but in my experience, the area which brings about a vaginal orgasm is more often than not at the tail end of the prostate... see the end of the index finger in the illustration hereby below?

Now, if you look at the illustration above you see the end of the partner's index finger make a hook, at the tail end of the prostate and applies pressure on the said tail by pressing it at the head of the pubic bone. This brings about, for the majority of women, an enormous pleasure. You can make the index finger exit the vagina to come back in this time accompanied by the middle finger or even, for some women, the three center fingers of the hand. Then the fingers are to move in to reach the tail end of the prostate and apply it with pressure on the upper part of the pubic bone... by bending the tip of the fingers in a "come here" motion. The finger tips should then open up to glide on the bladder and this movement will cause suction on the prostate which should start expulsing a small amount of ejaculate. When this is felt, rapid movements of the finger tips against the head of the pubic bone then open against the bladder, will stimulate the Skene glands in the prostate and observe the woman's respiration and facial reactions. When your fingers start feeling prostatic liquid (a different sensation compared to vaginal secretions) your woman is about to ejaculate and have a vaginal orgasm at the same time. It should be noted, however, that for many women who I initiate to ejaculate, they will ejaculate each time they are stimulated. You can understand that in bed this can become a serious problem should you not have provided a solution. In drugstores, solutions are offered for cases of incontinence such as Waterproof sheets for the bed. Let me say that women who ejaculate, each time they are stimulated, love this profoundly and the above solution becomes the necessary tool in their circumstance.

Here is an illustration of the clitoris:

Notice that inside a woman's body the clitoris is a complex and highly developed organ which includes bulbs located on each side of the vagina. The clitoris and vagina orgasms each have their dedicated circuit to the nervous system. However, the bulbs of a stimulated clitoris transmit their vibrations to the vagina. Therefore, during the vaginal stimulation, it is quite important to stimulate the clitoris at the same time. It can be difficult for the stimulator of the vagina to also stimulate the clitoris at the same time and therefore the woman being stimulated can be invited to stimulate her clitoris herself.

But if she has trouble stimulating her clitoris so that an orgasm takes place, then to have her use a vibrator is the thing to do and here is an illustration of the one I have for her ( like the Magic Wand by Hitachi ):

The woman feels the need to urinate, the Skene's glands now contain prostatic fluid, the ejaculate, and the most critical moment has arrived, she feels the need to pee* and she needs to "let go". If she does, the bladder will start its movement of expulsion and will force ejaculate through the Skene's glands orifice and/or from an overflow of the prostate to the vagina. Her PC muscles may contract and the ejaculate pressure will be much greater (Kegel exercises or the use of Geisha balls recommended). The masseur feels the bladder cover his finger (feels like a large tongue), or, he feels the torsion of her PC muscles and knows that ejaculation and a vaginal orgasm are about to take place. The woman feels her orgasm spread in her whole body... quite a different experience compared to the clitoris where the orgasm is felt in a very specific area.
* Note that it's important, even conditional, that the male partner understands and accepts that the woman ejaculates. He needs to know that this prostatic liquid has no smell, does not stain and it's even a delicious nectar to taste.

Some women simply do not "let go" and the vaginal orgasm does not take place... best solution is not to force yourself... one day it will come as a surprise, in the meantime, let the prostate stimulation give you pleasure. For a first ejaculation, gravity can help… to make that work, the partner should lay on his back and the woman should be on her knees over his solar plexus (between stomach and chest) and this will make it easy for the partner to enter the woman's vagina with his fingers. In this position, the woman will be more conscious of the presence of ejaculate, which wants to be expulsed, and this could be done with a minimum of efforts. As for ejaculation, if the need to pee does not come about, it is clear that the Skene glands, never solicitated before, are somewhat lazy... some women need to wait as much as a year of stimulation to ejaculate for the first time.

The pleasures which are brought about by fingers in the vagina are not limited to the prostate. Between the hip bones there's a bone in front of the spinal column and you can see two red arrows in the above illustration to identify it. With fingers applying pressure on the tail end of the prostate, if you use fingers of the right hand, you need to direct fingers to the left and you will feel the curvature of the said bone and you will hear her groan her pleasure (should you use fingers of the left hand, you have the same result with the curvature on the right). The good sensation coupled with movement of the tail end of the prostate on the upper part of the pubic bone helps a great deal to stimulate her so she may attain a vaginal orgasm.

Then there's the very bottom of the vagina (and there I recommend using your index finger only) and to get there, the finger must go directly down (it will set the colon aside) to reach the coccyx (circled in red) which is the tail of the human skeleton. Brushing this tail with your finger can bring about a very powerful orgasm. Having done it once to a lady, upon leaving, she told me that she has never heard of the possibility to get an orgasm at that spot, as she experienced, and still I am a surgeon, she said !

My fingers have stimulated hundreds of women. Let me help you discover this enormous pleasure presently missing in your sexual life. If possible, and if your partner is ready to learn, it would be nice and practical if he would come with you. After I stimulated you to your first vaginal orgasm, I will ask him to replace me and will follow my directions.

Anal Orgasm:

The most powerful orgasm for a woman… it's intense to the point of nearing loss of consciousness. The partner uses the index finger to enter the anus, moves it in the rectum and then turns it 90 degrees to the left side (right hand) or to the right side (left hand).

And the fingertip goes down in the direction of the buttock and finds a muscle which he then frictions until the orgasm takes place. It's as simple as that.


In reading these lines, if excitement is present in your mind, understand that your body is capturing the message that this natural great pleasure exits, that you may have never felt it, yet, or if you did, it was by accident, which perhaps was never repeated (and this could have been during penetration in a different position). If you come here to discover these feelings and a vaginal orgasm takes place, you will then be able to have them for the rest of your life. And if you don't have a partner or if you have one and he doesn't want or cannot learn how to do this, you tell me and I will show you and tell you how you'll be able to take care of yourself by yourself.

Now, you must deal with this shyness to show yourself naked at the eyes of a man who you don't even know, I promise you that you will lose this shyness within 5 minutes. Or your hesitation may be because you have folds or stomach markings following deliveries... don't let that stop you, I've seen hundreds of women of all shapes and body markings. Concentrate on what is really important... finding out that your body can bring you the well-being it was created for. Request an appointment and keep it, when the time comes... a decision that you will find quite important for your sexuality and therefore for your human life. Click the "Contact" tab, herein above, and send me your request for an appointment.

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