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School of Love

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Mr. and Mrs., come to the school of love

- To make love to their wife, many men are acting routinely, in a predictable way and one which does not satisfy her at all.

- Many women become unsatisfied and even annoyed by the mechanical way things are done but have elected not to voice their concerns and fear for some reason or other to discuss the issue with their husband and suffer by not having an acceptable sexual life.

If both of you have managed to come to this site and read this page, tell yourself that there is hope for you inasmuch as you decide to start talking about this and perhaps discuss to come here to the School of Love.

To qualify attending this School of Love, the husband must accept to be open and receptive to see his wife attended to by the hands of another man, myself, in order to learn how to take care of her. And my hands will touch all parts of her body including inside her vagina. As for her, she must know that the source of her pleasures is the brain and she must therefore have her brain concentrate on the present moment and leave no space for her inhibitions, shyness or thoughts on how her husband is taking this… if you have had this discussion and you both agree, then you would do well to come.

Upon your arrival, we sit down and take time to discuss your present sexual life then what is about to take place in a few moments.

The massage begins and she's laying on her stomach on the massage table. He will repeat all my gestures from his position on his side of the massage table. A massage such as this is a very good way to trigger the Oxytocin hormone in members of the couple (see Biology of Love ). It is quite easy to activate this hormone and somewhat guaranties long life of the relationship. The majority of women who come for a treatment feel a lack of affection, tenderness and human warmth. The massage I give provides all this in addition to expressing my deep love for a woman's body. May the husband observe attentively all that I do and how I do it and then repeat this with great feeling.

In the majority of cases, a woman's stimulation is best when the tail end of her prostate is pressed against the upper part of her pubic bone just before the bladder. To see and read about it, click the following link and learn how to stimulate a woman's vagina: STIMULATION

After all this, we take time for discussion and I also talk about advantages/disadvantages of certain positions to make love.


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