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Here is what it does: A woman near 50 years old, victim of rape as an adolescent, planning to come from another city for business, wished to take the opportunity to see me... plane flight and hotel booked, the business event is cancelled. However, she decides to come to Montreal at great cost for the sole reason to be treated. And I treated her chakras by imposition of hands and by magnetism then I gave her a Tantric massage, during which we shared our feelings of human love but in an elevated plane, and during the Yoni massage, she had several vaginal orgasms (G spot)… for the very first time in her life. Her sexual life now has a new beginning. Today she has a new boyfriend and she fully enjoys her sexual life.

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- On their third visit, a couple advised me to have discovered at their very first visit a new dimension in their sexual life and that it has impacted their entire relationship. Now they know that a woman has a prostate, and that it offers so much pleasure with, in addition, ejaculation which accompanies her orgasms to bring her sexual energies to the greatest heights ever attained in her woman's life. And for him, to see how much he can easily bring her to cloud 9 and, thereafter, have his penis feel her inflated prostate, as a result of stimulation, and to find that she climaxes during penetration is extremely satisfying.

- A young pregnant woman by artificial incinimation came to see me at her 37 week for the following reasons: need to be touched (because she had not been touched since the start of her pregnancy) and she selected the following objectives: #5 Woman lacking to be touched, #5a To be caressed under her skirt and #12 Pregnant woman from the list of 23 objectives offered by Michel. During her sitting in the chair she was caressed under her skirt (#5a) and had 3 orgasms, and this put an end to her migraine which had made her cancel the appointment but she had let herself be convinced that her coming would be beneficial. And once sitting on the massage table, she received an haptonomy then, at the end of her tantric massage and 4 additional orgasms, her perineum was massaged in preparation for the delivery. Success from start to finish !

- As for most couples, the one that came last night wanted to improve their sex life. Their 25 year marriage did not leave them time for proper conduct of sexual activities mainly because of the upbringing of children. But today, their adolescent children have their own activities and now they can invest more time for themselves. So they came to me to discover the joys associated with the "G spot" (vaginal orgasm). So at the end of her Tantric massage, I started the yoni massage (female sex). After stimulating her prostate, I asked mister to put his fingers in her vagina in such a way as to press the tail end of her prostate against the upper part of her pubic bone. After a time, I return as the stimulator and this time I concentrated on her cervix by turning my index finger around it then I directed my finger way down in her vagina to reach and brush her coccyx which is the tail end of her spine. And one more time mister became the stimulator and discovered how to stimulate the cervix then the coccyx… to the greater pleasure of his wife. So the vaginal orgasm came to be and was such throughout her body that even the tips of her fingers were numb !

- I would have liked the introduction of my cuddling offer to have been much earlier. Thanks to the first lady who came to live the "present moment" and all the gifts it provided us. Haven taken 2-3 hours to cuddle, caress ourselves, thus activating the oxytocin hormone, made us live unforgettable moments. See CUDDLING

- A lady came with her husband of a few years because she has no sexual desires and therefore no libido. She lost her last husband for that reason and she's afraid to lose the present one if the problem is not resolved. She consulted a sexologist but to no avail. So, after treatment of her chakras with my magnetism, I gave her a tantric massage with her husband assisting and who repeated all my moves and all my stimulations. Even though she never had an orgasm, I noticed the fact that she communicated very well with her husband to guide him in his vaginal stimulation so that he could attain the spot that I had stimulated. After the massage, this woman with a very beautiful body told me that she didn't love it at all because it could not give her pleasure. Because I noticed how much she enjoyed being massaged and her husband's pleasure in massaging her, I proposed that her husband give her massages at home from time to time and with continued good communication between them and frequent massages, vaginal orgasms will come in time. The next day, they bought a massage table and the same massage oil I use plus the baby bottle heater so they may have hot massage oil. One week later this woman had her first vaginal orgasm.

- There are times that in spite of my stimulations, the desired results are simply not there. And a case just took place, in spite of all efforts. After the massage, we sat to analyze the situation and then I learned that the dildo she uses in her vagina is a vibrator… I made her understand that after intense use of it, my fingers and those of any human being cannot compete with her vibrator. And I told her that if she wishes to pursue her treatment with me, she must stop using it. So, whoever is reading this, if you are using a vibrator for your vagina, you must stop using it and after some time you can then come to see me… but please mention that you have used one in your message requesting an appointment.

- More and more husbands suggest their wives to come to discover vaginal pleasures and to have this in a context of affection, tenderness and human warmth. I salute these men for their openness and their generosity.

- A young woman of 34 years old who's never been comfortable with men, for personal reasons, who had to rely on other women for her sexual life, came because of her quest to discover vaginal orgasm. After her two first vaginal orgasms in her life, and resting on the massage table, she asks how to attain this orgasm during penetration by a man. Is she about to welcome the presence of men in her life?

- Upon her arrival, a woman in her thirties and mother of three tells me that she never had an orgasm with a man, be it from her clitoris or in her vagina (not an easy case to resolve). I made her understand not to expect to have an orgasm today and, most important, not to force herself to have one, but, to live the present moment and find pleasure in each touch when I put my hands on her body. Well she did exactly as told and she abandoned herself which neutralized her brain leaving it without the need to interfere… and, she had a the first clitoris orgasm of her life, as a result of a stimulation by another person, and a little later, she had 2 vaginal (G spot) orgasms. She left very happy and proud to be a woman.
- Thanks for being there for me... my sexual life with my husband, well it's not very interesting. You give me what I need to feel beautiful and like a real woman, and, each time I leave feeling light and proud of myself (many women come for that very reason).

- I have never had such a complete preparation and never, ever, have I experienced so much pleasures

- Healing of a woman who had not accepted the departure of her husband, 3 years ago, and was suffering from a severe case of Vaginismus. By the imposition of my hand on her solar plexus, her chakra opened up and liberated her.

- She wanted to obtain vaginal orgasms and female ejaculations with fingers and learn how to achieve this by herself... great success on both counts
- Following the opening of her solar plexus chakra, by imposition of my hand and by magnetic healing, the rooted after effects of sexual abuse during her childhood were expulsed and, for the first time in her life, during the Yoni massage, she experienced clitoris and vaginal orgasms. After the treatment, she revealed who was responsible for the abuse and, for the first time in years, she cried.
- When she comes for a Tantric massage, when she gets back home, her boyfriend finds that their love making surpasses anything he's known before. The explanation is quite simple: each time I stimulate her prostate, she doesn't resist the urge to pee and this allows the bladder to start its expulsion movement, which I feel quite pronounced at the end of my finger. When she gets home, during intercourse with her boyfriend, the prostate which is now inflated because of my previous stimulations, hours before, generates prostatic fluid very quickly (and again she doesn't resist the urge to pee) and the bladder starts its movement to expulse the ejaculat. In doing so, the bladder movement provides the equivalent of great tongue lashes on the penis head. Gentlemen, can you just imagine the feeling? So now, her boyfriend is the one who insists she come for another massage.

- For the first time, she experienced the pleasures of the G spot (many cases)

- She thought that female ejaculation was for others, not for her... well, surprise !

- She was able to have an orgasm after losing this for the last few years (a few cases)

- She came to undertand that the G spot is in reality the feminine prostate and that the pleasuring spot travels on all its surface and she understands that she needs to tell her partner when he hits that magic spot.
- She was able to produce vaginal secretions, lost for some time.

- Because of sexual abuse for years, in her infancy, she was never able to have an orgasm while laying on her back. Here she was able to do so in that position
- She came, as others, perfectly in command of her powers to have pleasure from her different sources (including ejaculating about a half liter of prostatic liquid), without volunteering explanations other than to spoil her body. And that is perfectly all right

- After a number of treatments, successful in time, her husband wished her to be able to ejaculate and she agreed. After following the Kegel exercises, to contract her pelvic muscles, she learned how to ejaculate with the help of an appropriate dildo (this does not require her to have an orgasm)


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