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- Often a husband shies away from making love to his pregnant wife because he believes she or the foetus could be injured.
- And it happens that a pregnant woman's libido is on the increase because she feels more beautiful and knows that her breats are now very attractive.
- Masturbation as an alternative is nice but, being stimulated is much better.

You can come alone or with your spouse… if he's not jealous and wishes to learn things.

Upon your arrival, we will sit and discuss your case and my treatment. Then,

I guide you to the massage table and ask you to use the pedestal to get yourself up on the table and sit cross-legged, if you can, or sideways with one leg up therefore to be on an oblique angle. This position will allow me to sit behind you and massage your back. Then follows from your back my haptonomy, and this provides, to the baby, a sense of security. You can read the details: HAPTONOMY

I will then ask you to lie on your back. And I spread a generous amount of hot massage oil on your body. Then with the massage oil all over the front of your body, my hands and fingers travel again and again on the entire length of your body from feet to neck by way of your vulva which relaxes and becomes more and more receptive.

Then comes your Yoni massage (feminine sex). Starts with the labia lips massage on their entire length and the clitoris is simply teased for the moment. My index and middle fingers enter the vagina… thorough exploration to determine your pleasure spots in your vagina. And I stimulate those pleasant spots and I invite you to let your brain take charge and bring you the orgasms that will trigger your bio chemistry (dopamine in particular). If your spouse is present and wishes to learn, I will invite him to take over by entering his fingers and following my coaching and your confirmation that he is at the right spot.

When one knows how to use fingers, it provides better stimulation in a woman's vagina compared to a man's penis. And in your present state, what can beat fingers which know what to do!

At the end, I give you the shower, click the following link: SHOWER

After the 8th pregnancy month, you can come for a perineal massage as explained in the following article: PERINEAL MASSAGE


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