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As a personal care enterprise, our service remains open. Effective March 17, 2021, you must plan returning home by 9:30 pm


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I suggest that you get the following e-book covering my website because in your Kindle app you will have all linked pages. And you will have a choice of pressing links to access pages on the website or accessing them in this e-book as a permanent record. Here's the Amazon link to order this book: Tantra Massage interactive e-book Once in your Kindle, make your background black which will make for a pleasant read. And if you have Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, Echo Show or Echo Show5, pair with your Kindle Fire tablet using Bluetooth then, ask Alexa to read the book to you.

For Montreal and the south shore, call upon me, Michel, to find the exceptional quality touch of experienced hands and fingers. To find out who I am and what I do: This is me To access the objectives I offer, click the following: List of the 26 objectives offered to find out what they are and you can select as many as you wish (no additional cost) then write me an e-mail at the following address: for an appointment and the objective numbers you wish to have.

I invite you to read the following page: Objective # 5a (accessible by clicking the blue words). This objective is really special and has been a major success with women since its introduction in July 2018… and now I am ready to come to your house to have you enjoy this great pleasure. In other words, my treatment at your house will be limited to objective # 5a, but can be repeated again and again as long as you will be able to cumulate orgasms. To make your request, write to specifying " # 5a in my home " with your address and the day and time which is convenient for you. If you wish, your spouse can be present.

Michel, that is me, creator of this service and author of these pages, for the treatment of men, women. I can say that I treated women from everywhere… Canada, USA, France, Belgium, New Zealand, etc. To be initiated to the pleasures of the G spot and or female ejaculation, I am there for you and you can be accompanied by your man. I am a healer for women who were victim of sexual abuse or aggression or rape. As for men, I do receive and treat those who come to simply relieve their stress, but I also treat men for sexual dysfunctions. Here's a good read to help you in your quest: Recommendations. For more details on me, see: Masseur

Here's a photo of my studio:

This massage table is equipped with a warmer on its surface set at 100°F (37°C) for your comfort.

My associates. In your e-mail to: and specify the name of the
practitioner you wish to have:
Michel, Krishna or Satya


Male practitioner for Three-Rivers, Montreal and Westmount

Krishna recognized as the Svayam Bhagavan in his own right or as the absolute incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This male practitioner, in his forties, is dedicated to the treatment of women at their home using his massage table or a floor futon in the eastern style. He has been trained in many fields and his capacity as a medium serves him well as a healer. His female sexual therapy is accomplished within the tantric massage. Women who lack being touched or wishing to be initiated in vaginal orgasm and for those who have been and remain impacted by sexual abuse or aggression in their youth, this is a solid alternative practitioner to my own efforts and one who I propose without hesitation. Krishna will also treat couples and, as for the man in the couple, he can teach him "injaculation" which is about having multiple orgasms without ejaculation and the lost of energy thereof.


For Gatineau / Ottawa : Satya Sundara

Satya's temple in Gatineau area.

I am Satya, I have a very particular and unique approach and you can read it in detail by clicking the following link: How I will give you my treatment . I can feel and channel healing energy guided by the divine connection of light beings.

This inner gift was awakened and I could feel it's intensity through my whole body, with tingling sensations in my hands, with such "grounded confidence" and with true guidance from above (synchronicities and manifestations).

In a short time period, this powerful sensation was confirmed to me that it was innate deep inside my soul from previous lives. I have so much gratitude that my spiritual life purpose is awakened.

Some people ask me what is my qualification? It is the universe that qualified me not the government, although I do have many different training like Chi Nei Tsang, Ayurvedic massage, meditative massage, Essalen massage, tantric massage, which all resonates well with my inner gift to share, but in the end the "qualification" you need to channel and to work with the energy is to constantly work on yourself;

- to learn to ground yourself as a full time job,
- By opening our heart to be in a state of purity. (To be in total peace with ourselves and the world, in order to be chosen to channel an enriching energy).

The energy will channel through me easily only if my chakras are not blocked by emotions, therefore I work on myself on different aspects in order to raise vibrations to reach higher levels of consciousness in order to see life with a whole new perspective which allows me to flow with it instead of trying to control it... in a state of freedom. One very important thing is to respect the time needed for the integration of those new vibrations, therefore I must take valuable time by myself to:
- Focus on grounding on a regular basis, - Deep meditation, - Walk in the forest, connect with trees/nature.

It is by integrating these precious moments into in my everyday life that I can offer the best of myself/my inner gift to share... Everything is inside us.

To set an appointment: write to and specify the practitioner of your choice.

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