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This site offers a therapy in female sexuality in the course of a Tantra massage, and thus celebrates erotic encounters at its best. But you will know great sensuality so that your sexuality becomes exciting and beneficent which, if required, implies the expulsion of negative after effects of your pass lodged in you, by giving you a treatment for your chakras.

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For a woman who never had an orgasm with a partner (man or woman)
Let's be clear, this page is for women who cannot have an orgasm with a partner (male or female) may this be a clitoris or vaginal orgasm. And this qualification includes those who find it impossible to achieve a clitoris orgasm when by themself, and, other women who are presently struggling with some kind sexual dysfunction.

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(Let me take a photo of you like this, see Photo of you and in the following page: Practitioner Michel and see objectif # 7)

In your case, the Tantric massage becomes a complement (by itself, it will not do the job) to a broader treatment which includes the opening and the alignment of your chakras which are your energy centers. "We can't see or touch them. But then, according to traditional medicine in India, when one of our 7 chakras is in conflict, our physical and psychological balance is perturbed." Says Karine Papillaud.
I first start by treating your chakras, an energy treatment with my hands… I transmit universal energies and some women can feel the vibrations.

The true source of an orgasm is your brain. Up to now, your brain has interfered at the worst time… and has not permitted you to have an orgasm. The cause could be stress which afflicts you to no end or because you don't like your body (loving others starts with loving our own body) and you believe that your partner tries to pleasure you by obligation… finally, for all sorts of reasons, your brain does not give you the chance to have an orgasm.

With your chakras now in order, if you're not a victim of incest, sexual abuse or rape (if you are, you need to read the text that follows between the blue lines), I will ask you that during the treatment we establish and maintain a very sensual communication between us to occupy your brain in appreciating the pleasures of my hands and fingers touching all parts of your body. I wish you get comfortable enough to use words, otherwise, you make grunts, or better, use the word " YES" and there are 50 different ways to say it… from whispering it to crying it out with all the might you're capable of. Stimulation in various areas in the vagina brings pleasure but it varies from one woman to the next for sure, so that your nervous system will advise your brain which feels everything and will let you know what's best for you and you will tell me.

I will ask you to live the present moment, and therefore, not anticipate what follows and certainly not force yourself to have an orgasm… that never works. You must let an orgasm come about in its own time… let it come as a surprise. I can disclose the following statistics compiled over the years for initiations to the pleasure of the G spot (female prostate): 57% have attained vaginal orgasm, 31% the clitoris orgasm only and 12% have not had an orgasm.

Certain women were victim of incest, sexual abuse or aggression at a young age, and after-effects are now rooted in the solar plexus and come to interfere not only in rendering orgasm impossible but even in spoiling the pleasure aspect of sexuality. A proper understanding of your issue can be found in the following page: Cellular Memory

Once on the massage table, the chakra treatment begins by imposition of hands followed by magnetism. Understand that since God is literally part of each one of us, (see: Conversations with God in which He explains this fact of being in us) I do ask Him to do the treatment with me. Following the treatment, women immediately discover the orgasms they've always dreamed of having and some see precisely in their mind the cause of these after effects, which were rooted in them, and are happy to see them leave their body thus ending their interference.

There's often a conflict between chakra # 2, which includes the energy of sexual organs, and chakra # 4 this one for the heart, where feelings are stored. It is possible to resolve the conflict by opening up chakra # 3, the solar plexus, where after-effects of the past are rooted in spite of not remembering the events themselves. And that is my objective. You can research the Internet to better understand the 7 chakras of the human body… During treatment of the Chakras, we will have open communication to learn how your body and your heart react.

Your psychic will be impacted by the treatment. Often, after the massage and the orgasms, a woman finds herself crying. In many cases, she becomes conscious for the very first time that this "thing" rooted in her has interfered with her life and her sexuality… all this time. The experience, although very beneficial, can be mind-blowing. I will cover you up on the massage table so you don't feel cold, and I will ask you to rest or even sleep a while. It would be good to make this an approximate 30 minute rest period. I will be seated near you should you wish to talk.

All women who came for treatment because, due to having been victim of sexual abuse or aggression, have never experienced a vaginal orgasm and, in the majority of cases, not even a clitoris orgasm following stimulation by a partner, have been healed from the after effects of this trauma rooted in their solar plexus. And they have attained their first vaginal orgasm and clitoris orgasm in the Tantric massage that immediately followed the chakra treatment... no exception to date.

Magnetizing the chakras often brings about healing. However, there are possible side effects:

- One must not take alcohol drinks before and for 3 days after the treatment in order to avoid nausea effects and possible vomiting.
- For those who discovered vaginal orgasm during the massage, after the chakras were magnetized, a healing crises may take place some 3-4 days after the treatment. A psychic effect could bring the person to behave differently, from the usual… she may feel sad and even cry without reason or there could be other effects. But tell yourself this is good news… it confirms that you are healing and its part of the process. It normally lasts no more than 24 hours.