Women no orgasm
G spot, ejaculation

Sexuality… love / fear

Sexuality is the greatest gift of life and there is no reason for not celebrating this fact.

Sexual pleasures are not reserved only to procreate ! In fact as a human being, one can have sexual activities even outside of an amorous context… therefore for its simple pleasure.

Tantra exits since thousands of years and has always included all body parts thus celebrating them without reservation. And this Tantric activity has preceded all religions created by man and taboos introduced by societies over the years.

One maintains good physical and mental health by letting sexual energies strive. However, sexual pleasures are best when one can love oneself but become incomplete in a context of fear… which is the opposite of loving oneself.

And how does fear manifests itself :

1. Shame of one's body, not only because of scars or bigness, but also because one's body does not perform well (no orgasm during stimulations)
2. Never had sexual pleasures because of abuse or aggression at a young age
3. Being victimized by verbal abuse or disrespect of one's body
4. By a sentiment of culpability or infidelity

So how can a practitioner can have you change this fear into love for oneself ?

Upon arrival, we will have an important conversation so that the treatment can be beneficial, and you should reveal without reservation what appears to affect your sexuality. This will enable the practitioner to guide you so you may adopt a new attitude to end this fear and introduce you to truly loving yourself.