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Tantric massage for a woman who comes alone or with her spouse or partner...
Montreal and region (south shore) done by an experienced pratician

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Hands-on teaching on how to take care of your man

On occasion, a woman asks me how to stimulate and give pleasure to her man… she tells me that she would like to have a hands-on session with me.

A Tantric massage for a man ends up with the lingam (masculine sex) massage which is done for the pleasure and release which this massage offers and ejaculation is a possibility but we let come as a surprise.

So, should you wish to manipulate a penis expertly, you can ask for an appointment and specify that your objective is # 13.

I will teach you how to give me a massage with hot massage oil and you will often be in contact with my penis, whether I lay on my stomach or my back. And finally, we get to the Lingam massage with all its variations. To begin with, I will guide you on how to do things then I will let you use your imagination and take initiatives as you desire.

You will leave the session happy with your new knowledge.

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