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Tantra massage for a woman who is lacking being touched

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Why are you lacking being touched?

- You are now separated and your body has needs…
- You are alone and masturbation has its limits...
- Your spouse "forgets" that his wife can and should enjoy her sex life...
- Your spouse will not do something, like oral sex, which is important to you…
- Your spouse thinks that once a month is enough...
- His erectile problem makes him lose his libido...
- You lack affection, tenderness and warmth in a serious way... (please say so before the start of the massage)
- etc.

Since you are here because you are missing being touched, I suggest you consider also asking for objective # 5a = To best prepare you for the Tantric massage, and the Yoni massage specifically, wishing and accepting to be caressed under your dress (or skirt) should permit you to have your first orgasm (imagine living such a sensual experience) before laying on the massage table and will permit you to become very receptive for what follows. In cold weather, you can wear a skirt over your pants which you will be able to remove upon arrival. To read how this first stage of the Tantric massage is done, click: This is how it is done under your dress or skirt

Normally my treatment concerns women who have a sexual dysfunction and also those who have never had an orgasm in their lives (often because of incest or sexual abuse when they were a child).
As far as I'm concerned, the case of a woman who lacks being touched needs my attention as much as those suffering from sexual dysfunctions because she suffers as much and it may be intolerable since she lived better days and knows that her body is quite capable to receive the pleasures she is seeking. Hear this woman on what good sex is: Good Sex In requesting an appointment, ask for objective # 5 (lack of being touched). And you might consider requesting also objective # 5a which is: "During our discussion before the massage, I would like to be caressed under my dress (or my skirt) thus attaining my first "pleasure" (imagine living such a unique sensuous experience) before even getting on the massage table." And perhaps this the time to read about pleasure and orgasm... activate this link: Pleasure and Orgasm

It is essential to love oneself and I do hope that your presence here at this very moment, confirms that the touches you are seeking follow the call of your body to be touched, in order to feel the pleasures which it can bring you. I will invite you to live the " present moment " for each touch I make on your body so that they may fill your brain completely, and in addition, to express with words or groans your excitement… which will excite you more and more. The evolution of your soul requires a healthy body. I will therefore treat your sexuality so that your body resumes its state of good health.

Here's how the Tantric massage takes place:

The Tantric massage which is a complete massage, therefore, including the genital parts. Hot massage oil is used for the back and all parts that are massaged, caressed with full length passages from toes to the neck by way of the vulva. Once turned on your back, the massage goes on from toes to shoulders with breasts and vulva in each circuit.

At the end of the massage,

I will give you a Yoni massage. Instead of giving you an erotic description of what I do, here's a link which will give you an idea of what takes place: Yoni Massage

Concerning the G spot, click: G spot

Take note,

During your stay, you will receive respect and devotion
This is not a sexual service and no sexual favors will be proposed and none will be accepted.

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