What is offered to a woman in detail?
Women no orgasm
G spot, ejaculation

Montreal and region



I'm looking a male practitioner:

* Age: in the fifties (for more wisdom)
* Place of practice: Island of Montreal
* Qualities: hands and fingers that are acceptable to me
* Experience: Californian type massage
* Tantra: ready to receive training
* Eventual administrator of this website

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Tantra Massage for woman and couple

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Your sexuality… how will it react to this treatment ? Activate the following link: Sexuality... love / fear

Wish to know why you are here ? Click the following link for: The answer

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Your sexuality and your life as a woman inspired you to make a search which explains your presence here. Now I invite you to activate the following link: Woman which explains why women come here for treatment. Clearly, you should find yourself in one of the four outlined categories.

This site offers a therapy in female sexuality in the context of a Tantra massage, and celebrates erotic encounters at its best. I'm here to allow you to have an exciting sexuality which, if required, implies the expulsion of negative after effects of your past, lodged in you. I am Michel and my Tantric style is sexual. The best example that concerns my style is objective # 5a . And since its introduction in July, 2018, more than 95% of women have selected this. This objective has the great advantage to have the woman perfectly positioned for the stimulation of the G spot. In fact, the woman, sitting on the edge off this chair with her eyes closed, gives herself the joy of letting go and her pleasures are magical ! This is a very efficient way to be prepared for what follows on the massage table.
Should you prefer having an energetic style Tantra massage, see the Practitioners page and ask to have communication with one of my associates.

You will find in me more than a Tantra masseur, more than a therapist who introduces you to vaginal orgasm and/or female ejaculation, more than a person who can free you from interfering after-effects of your past, by treating your chakras with his curative magnetism… you will be receiving for an hour or two a great manifestation of love in your life. What I do is a work of love and I ask you to accept this with ease. A woman who comes to me occasionally explains to her girlfriends that she indulges in my therapy because it is good for her physical and mental health.

For a woman « seeking complete physical release » (Read the testimonial of those who did come for treatment: Testimonials )

Himalayan Fire Bowl shows its salt massage balls which I can use to massage your muscles prior to pouring massage oil on your body
See it in action: Massage with salt balls

You already dream of getting this beautiful attention for yourself and it is now at your fingertips. Women are now coming in good numbers to get a Tantric massage, which shows a great opening of the mind and confirms that their bodies have needs.

Wikipedia on Tantra massage Tantra massage, or tantric massage, are two defined massages developed in Berlin in 1977. Erotic massage which incorporates elements from the neotantric movement in the Western world massages the primary erogenous zones of the body, those being the mouth, the phallus (penis), the vagina and the anus.

This is not a therapeutic body massage. This is a soft massage and you will experience a marvellous awakening of what is most intimate in you, and, thereafter, you will have pleasant shudders of pleasure for hours on end. Come to fulfill the needs of your body and be in a position, later, to express your needs to your partner.

I suggest that you get the following e-book covering my website because in your Kindle app you will have all linked pages. And you will have a choice of pressing links to access pages on the website or accessing them in this e-book as a permanent record. Here's the Amazon link to order this book: Tantra Massage interactive e-book Once in your Kindle, make your background black which will make for a pleasant read. And if you have Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, Echo Show or Echo Show5, pair with your Kindle Fire tablet using Bluetooth then, ask Alexa to read the book to you.

You are an artist, a celebrity and you need to be treated for your sexuality but not at the cost of this being disclosed in the media. So read this page in the following link and consider what I propose: ,For an artist, a celebrity who needs descretion

For more details, go to the following page: Tantric Massage for a woman

Initiation to the pleasures associated with the G spot click the following link: G spot and to understand how the stimulations are done, go to: STIMULATIONS

Take note:¸br>

  • If you are a woman who in her childhood was a victim of sexual abuse or aggression, a Tantric massage could change your life ! Click the following link and read between the two big blue lines:
    For a victim of sexual abuse or aggression

  • For a woman who lacks being touched, see: WOMAN NEEDING TO BE TOUCHED and see objective # 5 in the Michel page

  • Or
  • You miss being touched… but you're not prepared to be touched sexually, as provided in a Tantric massage, or an orgasm has now become less important than affection or tenderness. I propose to cuddle you with the greatest respect and not to make a cuddle gesture before first asking you. Should you wish to take the initiative, you do the same. So you receive and/or you give only that which you wish. To learn more, click on the following link: CUDDLING This replaces the Tantric massage. This may be of interest, if your period has begun but you wish to come now.

  • OR

  • Many women are incapable to ask their partner the kinds of touches they dream to have. Here's an exercise you can practice with your partner: Communicate your wishes with caresses

  • For a couple wishing to make their sex life beautiful and exciting, click the following link to access: SCHOOL OF LOVE

  • You are an older woman? You've put your sexuality on hold? The following link is for you:
  • For the best treatment, read = Importance of awakening your woman's body.
  • You can ask your masseur to cover his eyes with a mask… click the following link :
    "Masseur with masked eyes" to learn what this is all about.
  • You hesitate to make an appointment ? Because you're married or living as a couple ? This therapy does not make you commit adultery. If you are grappling with guilt, click the following: "Conversations with God" to understand why he expects you to fully enjoy your sexuality and your love for people without limitations.
  • More than a massage… for a sensuous woman who loves music, click: MASSAGE & CONCERT
  • Training for professional women in the health field so they may be of assistance in counselling patients regarding their female sexuality: TRAINING for women in health field
  • Tantric massage for a pregnant woman, Click the following link: PREGNANT
  • A woman who practices the Kegel exercises to activate her vaginal muscles, can give a new dimension to the (hetero) couple's intimate relations. An alternative is to make use of Geisha balls.

    The massage is given by a male masseur with the sound of Zen music (quality sound system). Shower stall available for your comfort. The studio is located at a 3 minute travelling time from the south exit of the
    L-H-Lafontaine tunnel/bridge.

    I am a professional in my field and I will act with great respect.

    Note that you may be accompanied.

    This page cannot be copied or reproduced in part or in whole without permission granted by or it's representative by registered e-mail.