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You miss being touched...

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But you're not prepared to be touched sexually (unless you've selected objective # 6), as provided in a Tantric massage ?
Or having an orgasm is not your priority. Or your period days have begun but you need to come now...

You miss being cuddled and the feeling of affection and tenderness so important to you and now gone from your life.

I propose to cuddle only you with the greatest respect and not to make a cuddle gesture before first asking you if I can. Should you wish to take the initiative, you do the same. So you receive and/or you give only that which you wish.

Clothes (unless you've selected objective # 6): bring loose and comfortable clothing, such as pajamas, enabling the feeling of touches (also keeping your underwear is entirely up to you). I will be wearing a Bermuda type bottom with a T-shirt, loose and comfortable in both cases.

Upon your arrival, you are invited to sit by my side and we will talk… as long as it takes until you become comfortable with me. If you need half an hour, an hour, no problem… take all the time you need.

And when you become ready, we will transfer ourselves to the room and make good use of the comfortable bed (much better than a futon on the floor).

There, you can place your head anywhere on me and I can ask you if I can caress it, put my fingers in your hair, brush your scalp. Etc., etc.


- You may be accompanied by a friend, should that make you more comfortable,
- Or you may bring your spouse so you may both learn how to cuddle each other. Your spouse will be invited to join us and cuddle with us (he should bring his pyjamas as well).

Cuddling Service is offered to groups of people in New York City and in France. In my case, my offer is limited to you (possibly with friend or spouse). So why do this ?

To provide a space where it becomes possible:

To take the time to relax, to touch and be touched physically and emotionally, to risk demanding, to say yes, to say no, to accept to be denied, to take the initiative to propose something different, to listen to your sensitivity, to your body, to your emotions, to your reactions, to your needs, to your limits and to discover the emotional connection without sexuality.

To stimulate creativity in our human relations

To find codes: to learn how to say hello in 30 different ways, to be or hold ourselves in arms, to caress hairs or a face, to hold a hand, to give and to receive, to dare to make a sudden demand. To accept the response, whatever it may be. To be creative in our responses. To not limit ourselves in simply saying yes or no, but to sometimes add: "YES" and I also propose… or "NO" but I propose… Be creative.

Please note: Since I'm a therapist in female sexuality, whether you plan to come alone or with your spouse, you can, upon setting up an appointment with me, ask that be able to caress each other under our clothes. That way may represent for you or your couple a more realistic state or the true challenge (dare do these things). Genital parts need to be caressed before being stimulated. Too many neglect or don't know how to caress these parts and begin stimulations much too quickly.


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