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Tantra Massage for couple

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For a woman who says: « Yes, let's do it! » the woman receives the treatment and the man assists the male practitioner

Upon your arrival we will sit and talk about your case. And, as a preliminary, you can decide to have objective # 5a To best prepare you for the Tantric massage, and the Yoni massage specifically, wishing and accepting to be caressed under your dress (or skirt) should permit you to have your first orgasm (imagine living such a sensual experience) before laying on the massage table and will permit you to become very receptive for what follows. In cold weather, you can wear a skirt over your pants which you will be able to remove upon arrival. To read how this first stage of the Tantric massage is done, click: This is how it is done under your dress or skirt ...And mister can observe… and more !

I suggest that you get the following e-book covering my website because in your Kindle app you will have all linked pages. And you will have a choice of pressing links to access pages on the website or accessing them in this e-book as a permanent record. Here's the Amazon link to order this book: Tantra Massage interactive e-book Once in your Kindle, make your background black which will make for a pleasant read. And if you have Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, Echo Show or Echo Show5, pair with your Kindle Fire tablet using Bluetooth then, ask Alexa to read the book to you.

Both of you will not be surprised to read that men and women don't know enough about a woman's body (for example the existence of the female prostate and it's very important role in her sexuality).

The lost of desire and/or pleasure comes, most of the time, from the fact that we believe to know everything about our partner, thus blocking the discovery of new sexual pleasures. Sexuality is a domain where routine is a serious menace and it can bring about uninspiring mechanical gestures. But your partner wishes to learn and he will be by my side and will replace me, when prompted.

Many couples come to me for treatment and what they discover here is most precious. But sometimes (too often I must say) the woman comes because her husband wants her to discover a certain sexual pleasure and the question becomes: is she coming for herself or to please him. The difference is important because if she comes for him, the effect is that she will feel uneasy to be touched by another man and when that happens, the treatment is useless. In the case of a woman who comes alone, it is evident that she wants this and she will be excited… which is essential so that her brain can allow her to have pleasures. The woman who comes with her husband must come becomes she wants this… so husband, take note that you should not insist on her coming, that you should let her read my pages and let desire to discover new sexual pleasures build up and the best thing you can do is let her make arrangements with me for an appointment. It will then be her initiative and not her husband's. The difference is psychologically important. The woman must accept that another man will love her body and that her husband will heartily accept this.

For a couple without a sex life, see the following link: No sex ! or better still, click on the following: How to be alive as a couple

ATTENTION: If you are incapable of having an orgasm with a man, not even when he stimulates your clitoris, I invite you to immediately click and read the following page:
Woman who cannot have an orgasm with a man

Here are four good reasons to come as a couple:

1. Loss of libido by the woman in the couple. Lack of vaginal secretions. They say that 40 % of women living in monogamous couple have a hypo-active libido and in the US, they are about to introduce a " Viagra for women " to trigger this desire deficit. But beware, this is not a miracle remedy ! In fact there's a better solution, see my page: Libido

2. The couple wishes to find better/new pleasures in their sexual relations to put an end to their more or less "mechanical" routine. As a therapist in female sexuality, I invite you to read the link for:
School of Love. And I can assure you that women love to have 4 hands on their body... my 2 hands and those of her spouse! An interesting way to live your fantasy.

3. Many men always ejaculate prematurely and suffer for not being able to give pleasure to their wives and certainly not an orgasm. If you decide to come as a couple, I will stimulate her with my fingers so she may attain a vaginal orgasm, then, I will ask him to replace me and under my direction and her guidance, your wife will have her second orgasm because of your own stimulations. Thereafter, in your own intimacy, she will always be pleasured by his fingering and weather he ejaculates prematurely or not will not be important… in fact, once the pressure of premature ejaculation is removed, he may very well acquire greater control on himself !

4. You wish to be initiated to vaginal orgasm but you want that only your spouse be the one to enter his fingers in your vagina. Therefore, when the time comes, your spouse will be asked to replace me and will follow my directives so that his stimulations provide you with good results. In the list of objectives, in the "Contact" page, see objective # 1a.

5. Some women experience pain during penetration and do not talk about it ! Find out about it by reading the following article from the Cleveland clinic: Pain during penetration This is a good reason to come for treatment since I can show you an alternative method.

6. The massage if for mister ! So we will ask the lady spouse to assist the masseur or masseuse. This way the lady will learn how to caress her man's body and how to bring him a lot of pleasure by doing the Lingam massage

7. You are a couple… but your couple consists of two women. Let me show you how to stimulate yourselves to attain vaginal orgasms (G spot). Consult my page which concerns: TWO WOMEN AS A COUPLE You have this fantasy or desire to have a sexual experience with another woman but you don't know one within your friends or do not dare propose such an encounter… but, should you request me to arrange this, perhaps I can organise this and make it happen. So visit the following page: Woman wishing to touch and be touched in turn by another woman

7. If you are a couple not concerned by your sexuality but with your problem to show affection and tenderness between you, I invite you to come for an afternoon or an evening for a cuddling experience with me. There will be no Tantric massage but all three of us will rather cuddle, demonstrate affection and discover ourselves. I will show you how your body can express itself. Mrs can take place between us men or I can place myself between you. I say this because in certain cases Mr. could be ready to cuddle me, a stranger, to see what it provides before daring to do it to his wife. Same for her… she can test things on me than turn around and do it to her husband. I'll be happy to be your guinea pig. For details, click on the following link: CUDDLING In my opinion, a couple that don't cuddle misses the essential in their togetherness. Cuddling is opening the door to emotions between two people, who "think" of themselves as lovers. It is clear that without cuddles, the couple's sexual life is somewhat a misfit. So lady, if asking him to accompany you here to learn how to cuddle and the benefits of cuddling is beyond your capacity, come yourself, alone, and perhaps upon returning, you may initiate things unimagined between you but that could open the door to your dormant love.

8. I suggest you consider also asking for objective # 5a which asks to be caressed and stimulated under your dress or skirt during the conversation which takes place before the massage. The mere fact that this takes place under your garment makes it a most sensual treatment. And there is a page which provides a complete description on how this is done... click: Under your dress or skirt

9. If the sexual life in your couple is less than satisfactory, please listen to this video by Diana Richardson: The Power of Mindful Sex


Does one of the following situations apply to your couple:

Mrs wishes to improve her pleasures in sexual relations and, for that reason, she is willing to receive a Tantric treatment which includes the Yoni (female sex) massage, knowing that Mr. will be receptive as he is the one to propose the Tantric encounter.

And, menopause certainly affects your sexual life and can complicate things seriously. Read the following article on the matter by clicking the following link: MENOPAUSE I can state that some couples have been helped by my service and are now using alternative technics in their sex life. Mr. knows that Mrs has a need, and that he should learn a few things. He is there because he loves her very much.

If you have lived as a couple for a number of years, there comes a point where chemicals associated with love, like all drugs, come to a point of saturation. The next step is to consider the importance of attachment and act accordingly. Here's an article on Oxytocin, and how to activate this hormone for a long and lasting relationship as a couple: Oxytocin In addition to the ways described in the article to activate oxytocin, add this other one: if the man sucks the nipples of his wife, both will feel the effects of the hormone oxytocin, like the baby and her mother felt it at the time of breast feeding.

How the encounter takes place and active participation for Mr:

Before the massage gets underway, we first have a conversation, to determine the objectives, and I explain the procedure.
Then Mrs goes to the change room to get undressed and, more often than not, Mr. follows her to get undressed as well (a bath robe is there, available for his convenience).

The Massage for a woman takes place, as you can read in the proceeding link, on a Tao & Zen music score, very appropriate for the occasion. Mr often gets up from his seat to get in a strategic position to capture important movements of the masseur's hands. Mr is very attentive during the Yoni (feminine sex) massage. I ask Mrs if the pressure movements of my fingers are at the right spot on her prostate.


Mrs, if you are reading this page, chances are that it is because Mr. made the suggestion to do so. And, if that is the case, Mr. may want to learn to give you new pleasures.

The Tantric massage for a couple is important for the following reasons:

Mrs cannot explain to Mr. how to give her joy inside...

Mr. knows that she did have a " G " spot orgasm in the past but he doesn't know what to do, to achieve this.

Mrs can occasionally get a " G " spot orgasm when alone, but, never with Mr.

Or, in many cases, Mrs has heard of the " G " spot but believes her's is deficient. However, she is willing to try getting it stimulated. Link to the G spot webpage

In closing, I would like to say the following to Mrs,

If Mr. is suggesting that both of you should come to see me, to get this Tantric massage for you, give yourself a break and make an act of faith for your own good and for the success of your lives as a couple because he is ready to give you new pleasures. But if you are willing to come only to make him happy, it never works... it's a loss of time.

And after her massage if Mrs would like to see him also be massaged, and perhaps assist the masseur in so doing, that would be nice... men love to see two women touching themselves, so the reverse is not true?

For an appointment or to ask questions, click the Contact tab up above. Specify the day and time you wish for the appointment. In the meantime, take note that it takes 10 minutes travelling time to get here from the south end exit of the Lafontaine tunnel/bridge.

I am a professional in my field and I will act with great respect.

After the massage and shower, you may ask me to take photos, such as this one or other poses. See Free photos

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