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This site offers a therapy in female sexuality in the course of a Tantric massage, and thus celebrates erotic encounters at its best. But you will know great sensuality so that your sexuality becomes exciting and beneficent which, if required, implies the expulsion of negative after effects of your pass lodged in you, by giving you a treatment for your chakras (Read the testimonial of those who did come for treatment: Testimonials ).

To prepare your e-mail: Specify your objectives and ask for an appointment by copy / paste the following e-mail address in your e-mail client:

Availability: Monday to Sunday, morning, afternoon and evenings.

You have read what I do and what you can have. Desire plays a big role to attain a quality orgasm. If you are here presently, it's because your body needs have directed you here… so, since your desire is great, this is the time to come… make it your priority and try to set an appointment to possibly come today! And specify your objective or objectives numbers, as set below. You don't hesitate to take a half day off to see your gynaecologist… I suggest that the quality of your sexual life is as important.

You are not alone… your Spirit Guide is at your side. He or She is always there at your side to help you, to guide you within the provisions of your Life Chart which together you have completed before your present incarnation. To learn more, click: My Spirit Guide

And here is what I will tell you upon your arrival: For your heart to be on the same page as your body

To set an appointment, specify day and time desired, your first name and your objective numbers, as defined hereafter, then when confirmed, be here at the agreed time. If possible, include your telephone number.

Too often a woman doesn't show up at the agreed time… on the one hand, without approving, I understand that a woman can be intimidated to pursue this to the end… but, the minimum thing to do is to advise me… if you were on your way and turned back or parked near my door, you were given my phone number… so!

To fully enjoy this experience and make it very special, you must prepare yourself mentally. Therefore reading the following pages will be most useful… click on the following link: Mental preparation for a treatment and this next one: Reflexion

Montreal has male and female practitioners and Gatineau a female practitioner. For details, see: Practitioners

What are your Objectives (you can select as many as you want)?

# 00 = Stimulation of your sex to achieve a Kundalini. See: Kundalini

# 000 = Sexual education… come with your children of 12 years old or more. See: Sexual education for children ... discussion with illustrations

# 0 = Yoni massage limited to the vulva, therefore, no vaginal stimulation.

# 01 = Kashmiri type Tantric massage given by practitioner Râma (click link Practitioners in this page hereinabove). To have an idea of what it looks like, you can see extracts of a video on this topic, click: Kashmiri Tantric massage

# 1 = To be introduced to vaginal orgasm (G spot). A unique service in Quebec. In preparation for this, please read the following page: Pleasure or Orgasm or Both ... please take time to read that page !

# 1a = You wish to be initiated to vaginal orgasm but you want that only your spouse be the one to enter his fingers in your vagina. Therefore, when the time comes, your spouse will be asked to replace me and will follow my directives so that his stimulations provide you with good results.

# 2 = To be able to ejaculate (female ejaculation). If you have had a vaginal orgasm before coming here, you may be able to have an ejaculation upon the first try, but in general, you need to repeat the treatment twice or three times so that you let go thus attaining an ejaculation. A most unique service, here in Quebec. For details, click the following Female Ejaculation

# 3 = Cannot have an orgasm with a man... can't let myself go. If this is your case, click and read the following link: Woman who cannot have an orgasm with a man If you were victim of sexual abuse at a young age, please specify (if you believe you can be cured, you will be).

# 4 = It has been sometime since I've had an orgasm with my spouse, not knowing who is at fault, or it could be my menopause

# 5 = If you are a woman who presently lacks being touched. Click the following link: Lacking being touched

# 5a = Woman missing to be touched but not sexually, click the following link: CUDDLING

# 5b = Many women are incapable to ask their partner the kinds of touches they dream to have. Here's an exercise you can come and practice with me and then do with your partner: Communicate your wishes with caresses

# 6 = I need and therefore I wish and accept to receive affection, tenderness and human warmth... and even wish to live a moment of passion.

# 7 = TO SHOW MY GRATITUDE, after the massage, you can pose for photo shots of your naked body (Woman, Man or Couple) and immediately receive at no cost 2 prints of 8X10. See: For photo shots to be taken of your naked body

# 8 = Here's a link which explains Importance of awakening your woman's body and how I do this.

#8a = Breasts orgasm… Yes it is possible ! See: Breasts Orgasm

# 9 = More than a massage… for a sensuous woman who loves music, click: MASSAGE & CONCERT

# 10 = You are a handicapped man or woman, you live in a private residence and to receive a tantric massage and therefore see your entire body be touched and caressed would be a sort of deliverance for you ! So click on the following page: Handicapped

# 11 = Discover a new erogenous area by requesting my facial massage. See details at: FACIAL MASSAGE

# 12 = Tantric massage for a pregnant woman, click the following link: PREGNANT

# 13 = Hands on training on how to give your man a Tantric massage click = How to give your man a Tantric massage

# 14 = May the masseur have a mask over his eyes during the massage as explained in the following page: Masseur with mask over his eyes

# 17 = Training for women doctors, nurses, etc. Click = Training for health care women

# 99 I wish simply to have an appointment to only have a discussion on my sexuality, as I'm living it, and understand what I'm missing and why I cannot attain it.

If a woman wants to love, she must first love herself. I will show you how to love your body by looking at it every day.

Undecided? May I suggest the reading of the following page by clicking: DECISION and/or TESTIMONIALS

I'm on the south shore, some 10 minutes travelling time from the L-H Lafontaine tunnel/bridge.

I am a professional in my field and I will act with great respect.

Note that you may be accompanied.

This page cannot be copied or reproduced in part or in whole without permission granted by or it's representative by registered e-mail.