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Massage and Concert ?

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For a sensual woman who would like to receive my massage followed by viewing a wonderful concert…

Here are the steps to take place in the following order:

- You will be undress
- You will receive my chakras treatment
- You will be massaged all over including your genital part
- You will be stimulated and perhaps have orgasms (clitoris and vagina)
- You will be showered
- Then you will be invited to put on a bath robe
- You will then take place in front of a 52 inch screen coupled with a high performing sound system

1. An evening with Il Divo in Barcelona

2. Yanni Live, The Concert Event

3. Michael Bublé meets Madison Square Garden

4. Streisand Live in Concert (with Il Divo)

5. Beethoven Violin Concerto, Anne-Sophie Mutter violinist

6. The Berlin Concert, Placido Domingo, Anna Netrebko, Rolando Villazon

7. Hit Man, David Foster & Friends

8. Leonard Cohen, Songs from the Road

9. Andrea Bocelli, Vivere Live in Tuscany

10. Chris Botti in Boston

11. Chihuly in The Hotshop
Pictures of Chihuly blown glass artwork

12. Celine Dion, A New Day

Beverages: Red or white wine or non-alcoholic sparkling drink

When setting an appointment, specify your concert choice (the concert's number), red or white win or the non-alcoholic sparkling drink.

For this friendly concert event, you are my guest and there are no costs involved for the concert and the beverage.


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