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Associate required to become masseur for Tantra massage for women

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The practice of Tantric massage, the Yoni massage in particular, enables one, with guidance of a mentor, to acquire the necessary knowledge of the different pleasure sources in a woman`s vagina, such as:

1. The female prostate and the G spot
2. The A spot
3. The cervix
4. The coccyx (the tail-end of the spine)

And after time, the new practitioner will be able to initiate women to the pleasures of vaginal orgasms and female ejaculation.

There will also be teachings on chakra treatments with specific care for the solar plexus where after effects of sexual abuse or aggression in childhood, get rooted. And these rooted effects are also present when a child was victim of physical or mental violence. Finally, the solar plexus gets impacted when a woman is raped .

Requirements :

- Love for the female body
- Delicate and nice looking fingers
- A slim and somewhat tall body
- Able to offer tenderness
- Be able to perfectly control his or her sexual impulses
- Attractive eyes and face
- Be able to conduct conversation in English or French
- Capable to identify problems in the course of discussions

For the "Subject", in your e-mail, to submit your candidacy, please write the word "Associate" and the name of the city concerned.


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