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You're undecided ?

It's clear that your quest is to resolve your sexual issue otherwise, you would not be here reading my pages.

You have needs in your sexual life and your marital status or your life as a couple makes you think that outside solutions are not for you…

- A husband who pays no or little attention to your own body before satisfying himself (using you somewhat as a living doll)
- A husband who has an erectile dysfunction and always finds excuses to set things for another time… and to spend time for your exclusive satisfaction does not even come to mind !
- A husband who often tries to satisfy you but lacks softness, delicacy or because his manual worker fingers hurt.
- A husband who often seeks sexual encounters elsewhere and feels justified to do so because of his financial generosity towards you
- A husband who is now impotent due to sickness
- A husband who does not go away in spite of the lack of love between the two of you

What about you, in all this ? Masturbation has its merits but also its limits.

Your sexuality is a very important energy center in your body. As you come or go beyond 39 years old (the sexual maturity age for a woman) more and more sexual needs come to manifest themselves , they make you have sexual dreams and if not satisfied, come to stress you to the point of making you lose sleep.

You then come to my pages and find answers to your needs, BUT, your decision to set an appointment or not is conditioned by your sentiment that you may feel guilty of committing adultery… in spite of your husband's shortcomings.


What I'm proposing is not to come meet a new lover, it's to come for an important therapy so that your sexuality may be finally satisfied. In fact, this therapy will impact your physical and psychic health. When your orgasms take place, your brain will activate chemical substances such as dopamine, serotonin (see the following article = Your amazing brain )

Your sexuality is an essential presence in your woman's body and to close the door is as offensive for your body as the use of tobacco or excessive amounts of fast food.

I am a therapist for your sexuality, I accomplish my work with love and respect. I know and sense that God blesses my Life Mission towards women.

It is now up to you to decide.


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