What is offered to a woman in detail?
Women no orgasm
G spot, ejaculation

What is offered to a woman and are you in the list ?

A woman has a marvellous but a complex body ! And it is her right to know the different ways that a person can give her pleasure. So if a woman decides to come to me for treatment, she will live an exceptional experience and will leave happy to be a woman.

This page concerns what women ?

  • Of course the woman who lacks being touched because of her separation
  • The one who has never had an orgasm because of abuse or aggression which took place in her youth
  • Or the woman who wishes to be introduced to vaginal orgasm
  • And the one who wants to have female ejaculations
  • Finally the married woman who always remains on her appetite, in her sex life, because her husband consciously or not uses her for his sole pleasure. Now if the idea to come and discover what I can do for your sexuality makes you hesitate because of possible remorse or a sense of culpability, take note that your sexuality is a major element of your life as a human being and that you are not a "property" owned by anyone in this world, regardless of what says your religion, your culture or what you were told in your family before you got married. Married women represent one third of my clientele !
  • Wish to know what takes place during the treatment ?

    Upon arriving here we will sit and talk for a few minutes so that you can relax.

    I will then propose to do what is explained on the following page: Details of the preliminary in the chair

    Once done, we will go to the massage table and start with a chakras treatment. I will then ask you to turn on your stomach so that I can massage your back. In the course of massaging your back there will be times when my finger will travel from your thigh to the entire length of your vulva, between your buttocks and up your back to end at your neck. This to take place again and again until the time that my fingers remain in your vulva and my thumb in your vagina. Eventually, my index and middle fingers will enter deeply into your vagina and will stimulate your prostate against your pubic bone and possibly let you have a vaginal orgasm.

    Then you are invited to turn on your back so that I can massage the front of your body. If you tell me that your breasts give you pleasure, I will stimulate them and your nipples before pouring massage oil on your body. If during the stimulation of your breasts I see that you are definitely having good pleasure, I will use a free hand to stimulate your clitoris so that you may have an orgasm. Then I will pour massage oil on your body and the massage will resume. At the end, I will massage your Yoni and stimulate you again and again towards having you get vaginal and clitoral orgams.

    Satisfaction guaranteed and that's a promise