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Massage and initiation to the pleasures of the G spot plus female ejaculation.

This site offers a therapy in female sexuality in the course of a Tantric massage, and thus celebrates erotic encounters at its best. But you will know great sensuality so that your sexuality becomes exciting and beneficent which, if required, implies the expulsion of negative after effects of your pass lodged in you, by giving you a treatment for your chakras. But first do you understand why you are here ? Perhaps the following page will help: Why ?

G spot, If you live in the Montreal area, you're in luck... that's where I am... perhaps one of the few anywhere in the world who initiate women for vaginal orgasm (G spot) and female ejaculation. After years of stimulating women, I'm amazed to see the extent to which women ignore the existence of the various pleasures a woman can attain with specific vaginal stimulations. I can initiate you to the pleasures of the G spot and one of the better ways to do this is to select objective # 5a in addition to the other choices. And see how this objective is carried out by clicking the following link: Objective # 5a

I suggest that you get the following e-book covering my website because in your Kindle app you will have all linked pages. And you will have a choice of pressing links to access pages on the website or accessing them in this e-book as a permanent record. Here's the Amazon link to order this book: Tantra Massage interactive e-book Once in your Kindle, make your background black which will make for a pleasant read. And if you have Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, Echo Show or Echo Show5, pair with your Kindle Fire tablet using Bluetooth then, ask Alexa to read the book to you.

For a woman who has not experienced the pleasures of the G spot:

The G spot is in fact the feminine prostate (hereafter referred to as the G spot) which is located on the roof of the vagina. See the Read the JNCI journal.
It is interesting to see that the feminine prostate was recognized by science only in 2001: See article and illustrations (go down the page until you see the illustration here on the left).

The following link provides Deborah Sundahl's illustration which is more realistic and shows the prostate in the vagina. The finger, in the illustration, is under the prostate's tail, a spot frequently providing an orgasm during G spot stimulation: Stimulation of the Feminine Prostate and what takes place. A finger in the vagina doesn't give any idea of the actual thickness of this prostate… it occupies in fact the space, on the other side of the vulva wall, between the clitoris and the vagina entrance.

It includes the Skene glands and they produce the prostatic liquid which a woman can ejaculate. But let's stay on topic;

The woman's pleasure comes from the stimulation of the prostate... in fact the point of pleasure, travels on the surface of the prostate and includes the prostate tail. Since my experience, doing Yoni massages to women, proves to me without a doubt what I just stated, let me say that I share the opinion of Deborah Sundahl and say with conviction that the G spot is in fact the feminine prostate and nothing else. To see how it's done, click the following link: STIMULATION. Stimulating her prostate can be a way for a woman to ejaculate. In fact a woman can learn how to ejaculate by her own means and before she gets to have a vaginal orgasm. To learn how, click the following link: Ejaculation by masturbation. Now, you can have pleasure without an orgasm or an orgasm without pleasure… or you can have both. Read the following page to prepare your treatment: Pleasure or Orgasm or Both

And, using my fingers, let me make you discover other pleasures you can attain by the stimulation of other areas in your vagina. One day I was stimulating a woman and after her vaginal orgasm, I reintroduced my index finger in her vagina and this time aimed for the very bottom of her vagina down to her tail-bone and the stimulation of that general area gave her a great orgasm. And she said: "I didn't know it was even possible to get an orgasm there… and I'm a surgeon!"

Let me have you discover these great pleasures with my fingers and let your orgasms (in addition to the activation of hormone oxytocin) trigger your biological chemistry… dopamine, serotonin plus endogenous morphine. Love making can give you the greatest feelings, not unlike opium except there are no physiological side effects. And you will leave with hours of contentment in your body and in your heart.

We have in this world people who have exceptional fingers such as Anne-Sophie Mutter playing Beethoven's violin concerto (Herbert von Karajan Memorial Concert). I'm fortunate to have hands and fingers of superior quality to stimulate all pleasure points of women… so come and let your body be in the hands and fingers of an artist in this domain. The experience will be stored in your memory for a lifetime. And if my fingers make you discover the great pleasures associated with vaginal orgasm, by taking one of the appropriate positions, one day it will be possible to have them during love making and they will be greater orgasms by sharing them with your lover, and, he will also have his own orgasm triggered by yours.

And in principle, all women can have an ejaculation. You think that female ejaculation is for certain women but you're incapable to have this? Well let me tell you that a 55 year old woman who has never been touched by a man (or a woman) came for my treatment and she had ejaculations in great volume and they were accompanied each time by intense vaginal orgasms. The key to this success story is that she accepted my instruction to let herself go and urinate when the need came about. This "let go" enabled the bladder to start its movement to expulse the ejaculate (I felt the movement on my fingers then the ejaculate under pressure filled up my hand at the vagina exit). Other women feel maximum contraction from their vagina muscles and this causes the ejaculation. For those women, Kegel exercises are quite useful.

Mister, wishing your female companion to have an orgasm, is not a sexual event based solely on you. Remember this: you cannot "make a woman have an orgasm". You can stimulate her, encourage her, tell her sexy or sensuous words, but if you think that her orgasm depends solely on your efforts, you are going down on the frustrating road of sexual deception for both of you. Female orgasms are the results of a combination of sentimental feelings, physical sensations and excitement. If she feels pressure on your part, following your sexual efforts, chances are that this will not take place, and she may even be tempted to simulate. And after, you will both be greatly disappointed. On the other hand, if your conduct shows that you place greater importance in providing pleasure, she will relax, let herself go in which case all possibilities are open.

The initiation to the pleasure of the G spot is done by the same man who gives you the Tantric massage.

For more details on the Tantric massage, « click the following link » Tantric massage for a woman

I am a professional in my field and I will act with great respect.

Note that you may be accompanied.

By the way, I offer to train men and women for the sexual type of Tantra Massage (Yoni massage). By becoming this kind of practitioner, you will assist women who need to see this service remain available in the Montreal area. See the following page: Training for sexual Tantra massage

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