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If God doesn't mind, why do you ?

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What you've learned since childhood…
Makes you deny yourself the care I can give for your sexuality ?

Then I invite you to download the digital version of Kindle book (click): "Conversations with God" Book 3 by Neale Donald Walsch. And you can download for free the Kindle software for your machine.

In this Book 3 the author is again in conversation with God who teaches us many great things… which is in complete opposition what our learnings since childhood. For example, Adam and Eve's original sin… that never existed ! Same applies to hell and the purgatory.

In this page, I wish the deal with one aspect of these conversations with God which may be the cause your hesitation to come for a treatment to improve your sexuality because you believe that after coming you'll feel guilty.

According to God, our evolution here on earth is not very advanced and that concerns such things as how we are organized as a society. And one of our problems, which is a serious one, is how we've established the marriage vows and agreement as it presently exists. This binding agreement is designed to curb any expression of love for any other man or woman which a spouse would like or need to express to another person as this would be a violation of the marriage agreement between the spouses. The marriage vows provide the obligation to have a sentiment of love with no end between each other, and that this is a duty for each of the partners as they "own" each other.

In other words, according to God, present marriage vows forbid married people to have the liberty and the freedom to love other persons. Now whatever curtails liberties is a step against nature. Biology and the nature of the human species brings him or her to have affection, tenderness and love for many other human beings in the course of one's life and any straightjacket, such as the present marriage agreement, comes against human needs. If you would like to read the marriage agreement between Neale Donald Walsch and his wife Nancy, the ceremony is repeated by another couple in the following link: What a marriage agreeement should be

Conclusion, preventing yourself to come here to improve your sexual life, because your risk to feel guilty as a result, this is against your natural needs as a human being and confirms your loss of liberty and freedom given by God to each man and woman, even in our relationship with Him. If you feel frustrated with all this, read the book as suggested and discover what God expects of us. And here is my prayer which could become your prayer:

Our Father, Mother,

By being a Part of each of our souls,
And we, each one of us, being part of your Energies,
Therefore we are One with You and consequently you, reader of these words, and I, Tantra practitioner, are One, you and I, within God.
May Your name be sanctified, may Your Kingdome come, and may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Thank you for the upcoming pleasures associated with our sexuality in each one of us, in conformity with the nature which You have created and understanding
Your message in Books 1, 2 and 3 of " Conversations with God ".

Those of you who have read the above trilogy know why you can live such a Tantra encounter as a meeting of love and that thereafter culpability has no justification to manifest itself.


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