Women no orgasm
G spot, ejaculation

Objective # 5a = Caresses under your dress (or skirt)

Upon your arrival, I invite you to sit so we may discuss your case. I know that before getting here, women are nervous and anxious. But our conversation will gradually give you confidence in me and as soon as I take your hand in mine, the hormone oxytocin will activate in both of us (this has an immediate effect, which is extraordinary !).

If the reason you come is because you lack being touched, typically you should be very receptive to be caressed under your dress or your skirt ( if you should be wearing trousers, because of climatic conditions, also put a skirt on and I will ask you to take the trousers off upon your arrival or wear thigh high nylons ) and the mere fact that this is taking place under your garment renders the experience much more sensual than when you are naked on the massage table. Take my word for it.

Please allow me to describe the experience in detail:

While we talk with your hand still in mine, my other hand reaches your knee and strokes it for a time… then progressively my hand goes up to your thigh and strokes the whole length of it for some time. Eventually, my hand goes up and reaches the pubic area and then goes down on the other side to reach the other thigh thus permitting my index finger to lift the panties' edge and find the labia lips and stroke them. For this treatment, you can close your eyes and enter fantasyland ! And if you express your pleasures with words, groans or quick respirations, your ears will hear you and this will excite your brain which is exactly what you need to do.

And the time comes when I ask you to get up so that I may remove your panties. Once you sit back, my hand once again strokes your knee then the entire length of your thigh. I then start spreading your labia lips using my thumb and index fingers so that I may introduce my index finger at the bottom of your vulva in order to activate the Bartholin glands. Once activated, the vaginal secretions permit my finger to lubricate your vulva entirely and deliciously. And finally, guided by your labia minora, my finger reaches the clitoris head ( the upper part of labia minora lips end over the head ). So then my fingers stimulate the clitoris from its head to the covering hood. Then comes the well wished orgasm ! If you can have a vaginal orgasm, this sitting position is best to stimulate the G spot and the clitoris at the same time and thus permitting you to have the exceptional experience of the multiple orgasm of the G spot accompanied by a clitoris orgasm. So this double stimulation will take place as a follow up to your first clitoris orgasm.

Take place in the above and I will sit in front of you

I must tell you that this initiative of introducing objective # 5a is one of my great success' ! The great majority of women selects this objective among others and have the happiness to let go completely and experience great pleasure which prepares them for the treatment they are about to receive on the massage table, especially the Yoni massage.


1. You could be interested to come for this experience with a girlfriend (coming together may provide you with a sense of security). And if you observe the disposition of the chairs above, my own chair will be positioned between the other two and this will permit me to caress both of you at the same time. Since you both wear a dress or a skirt, the need for modesty is respected. But keep in mind that each one of you will feel exactly the same touches and the same pleasures as the other since my hand and finger actions will be the same for both at the same instant. The only variation will be the precise second one reaches her orgasm versus the other. And I suggest that you both express your pleasure with words and this way your friend will know your feelings and you will both be excited. After a pause, a second stimulation will start. You will both cherish this experience for life !

2. Or you can come with your man. He will sit in such a way to perfectly observe how I do this stimulation. After her orgasm takes place, I will ask the spouse to exchange seats with me and he will caress her and do the stimulation exactly how I did it and her second orgasm will take place.

This experience may be followed or not by a Tantric massage for one or the other or for both (one after the other).